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Oriental Massage

Feel revitalised and return harmony to your body with our range of oriental remedies. We use time-tested Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques like Ba Guan (Cupping) and Gua Sha therapy to treat your body holistically — from relieving aches and pains to improving blood circulation, reducing inflammation and more. Let our experienced and certified therapists take care of all your needs and help you achieve overall wellness.

Ba Guan Therapy

Ba Guan Therapy include local pain relief and muscle relaxation. It helps to improve overall health by removing the energy blockages that TCM practitioners identify as barriers to the flow of health energy or qi.

Gua Sha Therapy

While Gua Sha stared emerging during Ming Dynasty, it is still a commonly used TCM technique today. Practitioners have found it to relieve tension from muscles, improve fine lines & wrinkles and promote blood circulation lymphatic drainage.

Ear Candling

Not only does Ear Candling helps with relaxation but it also help to relieve pressure from behind the ear drum and also ease earaches, headache and sinuses.

Ear Cleaning

Ear Cleaning prevents infection and improves hearing. With professional ear cleaning, we can help to assess your overall ear health and recommend any tips or maintenance that is needed.


Ba Guan Therapy – 30min for $40

Gua Sha Therapy – 30min for $40

Ear Candling – 30min for $40

Ear Cleaning – 30min for $40

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